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TFM is a leading-devoted interior design company. We deliver prime creations to meet residential and commercial needs, based in Delhi-NCR.

Are you hunting for the best furniture out there, that too under budget? Stop here. We travel through trends while maintaining core values and enlightening your dreams.

Why Us

1 Year free maintenance / upto 10 years warranty*

Pocket friendly as we are 100% in-house

Expert designer

Complete installation

In-house manufacturing

One stop shop

TFM Indoors: Creation Of Lifestyle

The motive to deliver top-notch high-end creations integrated with emerging trends is being heeded. We are a team of experienced and creative professionals serving to turn your dreams into reality. The best part about working with us is the workmanship and ability of each project to meet their expectations.

The team, working here, are listeners who listen to the client's needs and ideas attentively. The clients associated with us range from homeowners to builders, architects, and corporate companies.

We take pride in assembling furnished masterpieces tailored with dedication and preferences. We have an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial projects across the country. Likewise, we believe the abode must have a touch of class and elegance for the creation of a healthy lifestyle.

TFM Indoors: Find Best Furniture Originator for Dwell in Noida

We acknowledge that every dwelling demand uniqueness. Carrying this in mind, bring a huge assortment of furnishing goods from dining tables, chairs, and sofa sets, to cabinets and other assorted items. These innovations are assembled by knowledgeable and experienced experts to make your abode lively. We want our clients to beautify their everyday sightings whenever they are home.

Moreover, we specialized in other furniture solutions for interior decoration and home enhancement projects for residential as well as commercial spaces like offices, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Our offerings can be utilized from anywhere, no matter where you are right now. So, get our services to convey your personality with your abode interiors.

Why Choose Us ?

We track a mutual move toward with our clients. We put your needs first.

We offer timely delivery of every project.

From contemporary to modern, we are able to provide a different look to your interiors.

We completely focus on originality and appreciate the capability of our workforce.

We understand your requirement, budget and expectations.

Get in touch with us & discuss your dream project with us. We’ll help you transform it into reality!

Residential Work Portfolio

Meet Our Team


Deepansha Manav

Furniture Designer

Deepak Chamola

Co Founder

Kanika Garg

Modular Furniture Designer

Mohd Imran

Co Founder

Commercial Work Portfolio

We Supply a Plethora of Custom-Ready Projects

  • Flooring services (Marble, Vitrified Tile, Hardwood, etc.)
  • à la Mode Kitchen
  • Furniture Solutions (Desks, Cabinets, and Other Accessories)
  • Design & Build – Commercial Building
  • Wall Treatment
  • Modeling of Workspace
  • Repairing Solutions (Interior Tiles, Pavers, Granite, and Marble Fixing)
  • Assorted Civil Work

The Furniture Mistri Advantage

  • No hidden cost
  • Pocket friendly rates as everything is in-house
  • 30% hike in prices
  • No fix prices
  • One stop & you will get everything.
  • Multiple stores for different things
  • No designing consultancy
  • 45 days installation
    Regular updates
  • Unreliable timings
  • No scheduled timeline
  • Branded material
  • Regular quality checks
  • In house team, it gives assurance of quality
  • Outsourced materials
  • No regular quality check
  • Low quality material used
  • Services provided after handover
  • 1 year free maintenance and upto 10 years warrantyT&C applied
  • No free maintanance
  • No after services given


Best Quality Custom Furniture Manufacturers in Delhi, NCR

Personalization of furniture is an ideal way to grab the right piece for your space. They are made exactly to your specifications, so don't settle for something that looks like everyone else's! Custom-made furniture can fit any size or shape of your home.

When you invest in home decor, it's an investment in the quality of your life. The uniqueness of our masterpieces will bobble your senses. This is based, on the exquisite workmanship of professionals working here.

Well-versed in producing pieces of furniture, traditional or avant-garde. Therefore, The Future Mistri is the quintessential place for your preferences and satisfaction.

Blog & News

What's Our Client Says

Saurabh Agarwal

I have purchased furniture for my office from TFM and I will say - all your furniture needs can be met at a single location. They can customize your furniture to meet your needs. The owner is polite, and helpful, and will make customization according to your needs.


The Furniture Mistri's lounge sofa was a wonderful purchase. It is of excellent quality. It is very comfortable and made of good material.

Virender Sharma

TFM is the best place for custom-made home furniture. I have purchased a bed for my home and the quality of the product is fabulous. The owner of the company is very responsive and helpful. He will give you the highest quality and most recent designs.

Abhinav Mishra

They offer stylish and affordable sofas, as well as a wide range of furniture. The product was excellent and the customer service was outstanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Our Process For Making Custom-Made Furniture?

Custom-made items are usually made according to the customer's specific requirements. This process typically begins with the customer providing detailed specifications for the item they wish to have made. The specifications are then reviewed by our experts, who will then create a prototype of the item based on the customer's specifications. Once the prototype is approved, production of the item begins. The item is then shipped to the customer for their approval. If any changes are needed, they are made by the manufacturer according to the customer's specifications. Once the final product is approved, the item is ready for delivery.

What Makes The Furniture Mistri Unique?

Customization expresses one's sense of style, sophistication, and elegance - and the right execution truly reflects it all. At The Furniture Mistri, we understand the significance of precision execution and refinement - something we strive for at all times.

What Is The Meaning Of Custom-Made Furniture?

Custom-made furniture is furniture that is made specifically for a customer's individual needs and preferences. It is typically made to order and is not pre-made or mass-produced. Custom-made furniture can range from simple pieces made from standard materials to complex works of art crafted from the highest quality materials. The cost of custom-made furniture will depend on the complexity of the design and the materials used to construct it.

What Is The Quality Of Custom-Made Furniture?

Custom-made furniture is usually of a higher quality than mass-produced furniture because it is crafted specifically for a customer. It is typically made from higher-quality materials and is built to last longer. The craftsmen who construct the furniture take the time to create a piece that is both aesthetically pleasing and durable. Custom-made furniture also typically offers a higher level of customization, allowing customers to choose the exact design and materials they want for their furniture. This ensures that the piece fits perfectly with the customer's individual style and decor. Overall, custom-made furniture is of a higher quality than mass-produced furniture and is sure to last for many years to come.

Why Choose Custom-Made Furniture?

Custom-made furniture is a great choice for those looking for a unique and personalized piece for their home. It allows for a more tailored look and can be made to fit any space and style. Additionally, custom-made furniture is often made from higher quality materials than mass-produced furniture, so it can last longer and look better. With custom-made furniture, you can create something truly special that you will enjoy for years to come.

Why Custom Made Furniture Expensive?

Custom-made furniture is usually more expensive than mass-produced furniture due to the cost of materials, labour, and design time. The cost of custom-made furniture can also be influenced by the complexity of the design, the number of materials used, and the size of the project. Furthermore, custom-made furniture often requires specialized tools and skills, which can add to the cost. The time taken to complete the project also affects the cost and often involves several steps such as designing, cutting, sanding, and finishing. Therefore, custom-made furniture can be quite expensive, but it can also be well worth the investment.

What Does A Custom Furniture Maker Do?

A custom furniture maker typically works with a client to create a unique design that meets their needs and preferences. They then use their skills and tools to bring that design to life, from cutting and sanding the wood to finishing the project. They can use a variety of materials, from hardwoods to metals, to create the desired effect. The goal is to create something that will last for years and can be cherished by the customer.

Is Custom Furniture Cheaper?

No, custom-made furniture is generally not cheaper than factory-made furniture. The cost of the project is based on the materials used, the complexity of the design, and the time it takes to complete the project. Custom furniture makers often charge a premium for their services, but the finished product is often of the highest quality and will last for many years. If a client is looking for something unique and of the highest quality, then custom furniture may be the best option.

What Is Another Name For Custom Furniture?

Another name for custom furniture is bespoke furniture. Bespoke furniture is made to the customer's exact specifications, giving them a unique piece of furniture that is tailored to their needs. Bespoke furniture is usually more expensive than factory-made furniture, but it is often of higher quality and will last much longer. If a customer is looking for something unique and of the highest quality, then bespoke furniture is the best option.

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